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More than just logistics!
+7 495 795-04-95
More than just logistics!
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DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK has been offering services for transportation of oversize and overweight cargoes for years. Delivery of specialised equipment and its components for the mining industry is rather a difficult process that requires a lot of caution, attention and, indeed a huge experience and professionalism.

Always acting responsibly our company offers various services like:
  • Transportation of oversize, overweight and long cargoes for the mining industry;
  • Complex solutions for different logistics issues;
  • Direct supplies by various modes of transport;
  • Preparation and service of specialised transport to load, secure and deliver your oversize cargo;
  • Design of transport and handling schemes for deliveries;
  • Delivery of drilling rigs, rock crushing and screening installations, excavating machines etc.;
  • We also offer a full set of customs clearance services on major air, maritime, road and rail terminals;
  • Professional stowage of equipment with various weights and dimensions;
  • Professional freight-forwarding;
  • Preparation and submission of all relevant permits and access papers required for cross-border transportation;
  • Cargo insurance.

We have over 60 highly qualified specialists working in DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK that are capable of thinking out-of-the-box, free of any clichés. We are there to ensure safe and sound delivery of any oversize and overweight cargo for you.


For more detailed information and to have a professional consultation please call + 7 (495) 795 04 95, or feel free to ask your question info@dasglobal.ru.

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