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More than just logistics!
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More than just logistics!
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Customs clearance

Customs formalities are part and parcel to any company engaged in foreign trade. Apart from professional knowledge of customs legislation, for customs clearance it is also important to have a real-life experience, this is why one should order these services from highly qualified specialists.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK has been acting as registered Customs Broker on the Russian logistics market since 2012 (Certificate of registration in the Register of Customs Brokers - Valid certificate)

Qualified specialists acting on behalf of our company carry out all necessary customs formalities and represent your company in all customs agencies in the Russian Federation. This fact highlights our financial sustainability, stability, trustworthiness and professionalism of our team, this is a guarantee that we fulfil our obligations to our clients.

Keeping abreast of the times, we apply advanced methods of declaring of goods and various IT-solutions to prepare the documents, thus significantly reducing the time needed for customs clearance and creating additional competitive advantage for our clients.

Full range of customs clearance services includes:
  • Customs clearance in largest Russian and Baltic ports;
  • Customs clearance for cargo delivered by air, truck or railway transport (both import and export);
  • Contemporary methods and IT-solutions for document handling;
  • We provide customs clearance services at major air, maritime, truck and railway ports and terminals all across Russia;
  • Computerised systems to speed up preparation of Goods Declaration;
  • Maintenance of all customs formalities;
  • Preliminary Declaration and Remote Release;
  • All necessary documents are prepared and submitted to customs authorities in a timely manner;
  • Solution of issues related to collection of required certificates and other approval documents;
  • Consulting and information about customs clearance procedures.
Additional customs clearance services:
  • Customs clearance counselling, preliminary agreement with customs authorities on terms of delivery, procedures and mode of cargo declaration;
  • Classification of goods in accordance with the EEU Customs Commodity Codes.

Customs Broker services:


For more detailed information and to have a professional consultation please call + 7 (495) 795 04 95, or feel free to ask your question info@dasglobal.ru.

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