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More than just logistics!
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More than just logistics!
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Logistics solutions

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers its clients full set of high-quality transport and logistics services.

For several years of work in this area, we have managed to develop and bring a huge number of various effective logistics routes to life to transport oversize and overweight cargo, along with providing customs clearance services.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers complex logistics solutions and provides services for effective procurement management, storage, transportation and allocation of cargoes at minimum cost. Complex logistics services are more than just professional delivery, we are capable of managing supply networks as well.

We offer various solutions to different industries and business spheres, our solutions are only based on logistics schemes and transportation routes thoroughly developed individually for each client.

We would like to share our experience with you by letting you get acquainted with various logistics solutions for major Russian regions.

Multimodal transportation from China

Enhanced development of trade between Russia and China fosters the further growth of cargo turnover with various types of transportation applied. Multimodal (mixed) transportation is one of the most common ways used to deliver cargoes from Europe, USA and South Eastern countries. Multimodal type of transportation is the best fit when there is no other way to deliver the cargo directly from a shipper to a consignee using only one mode of transport.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK has a huge experience in transportation of oversize and overweight cargoes from China to Russia on specialised platforms using special machines, loading and fastening techniques, always in strict compliance with safety measures.

Our team of qualified specialists will arrange a safe and sound delivery of your cargo in the shortest time possible.

Direct rail freight from China

Apart from multimodal transportation, DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK also offers a direct rail freight service from China. Great variety of railways connecting all parts of China saves the need to use additional transport means which has an exceptionally positive impact on the cost of transportation.

Rail freights may be delivered in containers, rail cars and open cars, as long as on platforms which requires specials fastening and packaging to secure the cargo. DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK professionals are always ready to run an appropriate calculation of transportation costs for you, taking into account all reasonable expenses and delivery times.


  • A choice of efficient routes;
  • Control of cargo along the whole route;
  • Preparation of all required documents;
  • Customs clearance services;
  • Rail freight of oversize and overweight cargoes;
  • On-schedule delivery following all storage and processing requirements;
  • Warehousing services;
  • Stowage services.

Logistics Solutions

  • Central Federal District of the Russian Federation
  • North-Western Federal District of the Russian Federation
  • Far Eastern Federal District of the Russian Federation

For more information on the matter, please send your request to sales@dasglobal.ru

Deliveries from Asia Pacific Region

Through carriage (FCL), direct container trains

- Asia Pacific countries (Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.)
- Vladivostok port / Vostochniy port
- Moscow/Novosibirsk/Yekaterinburg/Saint-Petersburg/any other city in Russia
Transit time – 18 days - 32 days

LCL container freight

- Asia Pacific countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc.)
- Vladivostok port / Vostochniy port
- Moscow/Novosibirsk/Yekaterinburg/Saint-Petersburg/any other city in Russia
Transit time – 14 days - 38 days

Direct rail freight (FCL/LCL)

- FOB Guangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo/Tianjin
- Manzhouli/railway station Zabaikalsk – Moscow railway station (Kuntsevo)/Saint-Petersburg railway station (Vitebskiy station)
Transit time – 18 days - 30 days

Multimodal shipments (Sea/Air)

- Ocean freight (FCL/LCL)
- Vladivostok port
- Air freight to Moscow (Sheremetyevo airport)
Transit time – 5-8 days.

FCL/LCL transportation from Asia Pacific countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam etc.)

- Vladivostok port / Vostochniy port
- Air freight to Moscow and further to any other city or air hub in Russia. Transit time – 1-3 days.
Express train to Moscow. Transit time – 7 days.
Train (postal and baggage) to Moscow. Transit time – 12 days.

Доставка по России

Domestic and coastal shipments in Russia. 1. Transit transportation by river and sea. 2. Coastal shipments: Pevek, Magadan, Egvikinot, Anadyr, Beringovskiy port, Korsakov port, Kholmsk, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy, Dudinka, Yakutia etc. 3. Onshore delivery with no port facilities. 4. Transportation of mining, construction, oil and gas and processing equipment to remote regions in Russia. 5. Individual solutions for mining and construction industries.

Customs Clearance

1. Customs points (Customs): Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Khabarovsk, Sakhalin, Magadan, Zabaikalsk, Chita, Blagoveschensk Customs.

Special offers:

1. Complex solutions for mining/construction/oil and gas/processing industries. Turn-key projects supported by engineering and expert assessment.
2. Charter freights of small parties, as well as oversize and overweight equipment delivery through Vladivostok/Nakhodka ports with subsequent delivery to the consignee warehouse.
3. Acceptance/consolidation/deconsolidation of any type of cargo in Vladivostok (at the warehouse), Khabarovsk (warehouse) with further delivery to the client warehouse
4. Project realisation, consulting services regarding registration of the Russian residence of our clients within the Priority Development Areas (in the Fas East region) and Special Economic Zone in Vladivostok.


For more detailed information and to have a professional consultation please call
+ 7 (495) 795 04 95, or feel free to ask your question info@dasglobal.ru.

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